Media Strategy Lab

We will start our next cohort in Spring, 2019.  For more info, email Jaime Chambers.

Think of our Media Strategy Lab as a hands-on, get-your-hands-dirty experience to plan, create, execute and evaluate a basic media strategy for your ministry context. You’ll bring 1-2 members of your team with you to work through a structured, personalized process with our strategy coaches. You will be in a cohort with two or three teams from different places in the world. It’s a small cohort that allows you to dig into your questions and needs while benefiting from what others are learning through their own experience.

This will be a lab, not a lecture. You will apply the concepts of the Foundations of Media Strategy Course to your specific ministry context. Our desire is that the Media Strategy Lab will be an important next step to see your team be more effective in fulfilling your mission and vision.

What You'll Do In This Course 

  • Begin with a prayerful and structured process to develop or fine-tune your Strategic Plan for media ministry.
  • Set Goals and Media Guidelines for your team, integrating as much as possible with disciple-making/church planting vision.
  • Develop Persona and Spiritual Pathway descriptions that will help you more effectively plan follow-up and content.
  • Learn and develop Follow-up and Content Strategies based on Social Listening and other research techniques.
  • Set up effective Media Profiles and presence in Channels that are matched to your Personas.
  • Learn and set up practical methods to engage your audience and walk with them through a conversion process
  • Develop content that matches your personas and pathways and are designed for appropriate media channels where engagement will happen
  • Launch and run a short campaign, with content distribution, follow-up, response measurement, and engagement by your team.
  • Engage in an evaluation process where you will learn, make modifications, and prepare for on-going campaigns to serve your audience and ministry goals



  • Accountability
  • Coaching
  • Sharing of ideas and learning with other teams
  • Structure to help your team move beyond the theories and implement the concepts in your real ministry world.
  • Put into practice the key concepts from the Foundations of Media Strategy course.



  • One team member who has completed the Foundations of Media Strategy course
  • Committed to learning and growing in the use of new media concepts.
  • Must have a project underway or ready to design and execute.
  • Committed resources: a team, time assigned to this strategy, funds.



  • A 11-week cohort of 7-10 people from 3-4 different teams.
  • 60-minute sessions with coach and cohort to report on progress, discuss challenges and explore solutions. A total of seven live sessions with the instructor and others in the course.
  • Coaching by email in between live sessions. One week will be dedicated to a live session with the instructor and the members of one team.


Course Logistics

  • Live cohort: We meet weekly for the first three weeks and then every other week after that (dates to be announced). After registration, you will receive a link for our Zoom video conferencing service that will require a plug-in for your computer. You may also download the Zoom app from the iTunes store or Google Play for a mobile device, but we strongly recommend using a computer for the best learning experience.
  • Independent work: There will be limited reading assignments. The primary focus will be on the development and execution of a media strategy. For team members who have not taken the Foundations of Media course, that material will be available for review.
  • Web classroom: We use Power School Learning for materials, mentored discussion boards, and practical application assignments at each stage.
  • Standard Rate: $250 per person. You can use a credit card or PayPal account. Reduced Rate: $125 (non-Westerners not working with a Western organization).
  • Registration: We will post the registration page where you can register for this course and make your payment. You will then receive a link to the classroom course. If you use a credit card, you will receive a charge from Visual Story International.
  • Take the course as a team: The class will make the most impact if students take the course in teams of 2-3 people to enable collaboration and immediate application in their ministry context.
  • To receive a certificate of completion:
    • Successful completion of a media campaign.