Student Comments

Foundations of Media Strategy Course

"Foundations of Media Strategy was an extremely helpful course not only to further highlight our need to develop a media strategy for reaching our people but also to give us some critical building blocks from which to start building that strategy. The instructor was extremely helpful as was the interaction with others on this same journey. We are already starting to implement some of what we have learned and I expect to continue to draw from the course material for some time as we expand and grow our strategy."

"A very thought out and executed online course presented by experts from the field."

"Foundations for Media Strategy helped me effectively organize my thinking and planning/strategy around the persona concept while addressing passive/active engagement that leads to high level decision making with the inquirer's group."

"A good back to the drawing board exercise for anyone floundering with digital content strategy and results."

"This course is crucial in changing from the "Fire - Ready - Aim" approach to media ministry to "Ready - Aim - Fire." The principles and tools presented in the course focus on how to find the "good soil" and sow the seed there."

"You don't know what you don't know. This course will help you find holes in what you're doing and enable you to be effective with minimal waste!"

"This course casts vision for how you and your team can begin incorporating today's modes of media and communication to catalyze movements to Christ. We appreciated how the class started at the big vision of movements and explored how using new media could enable that vision rather than merely talk about creating content for content's sake."

"This course helped my team and me develop our digital media strategy by looking at how people make meaningful faith decisions and ways our websites and social media can encourage that. I recommend this course as a springboard for creative campaigns that complement and go beyond just an online gospel presentation. I especially recommend groups take the course because of the value of shared vision, vocabulary, and learning that occurs; for this reason, I have enrolled staff from 7 of our offices in the course."

"This class was a game changer. It helped me to think at a much higher level about how media could be used strategically in what we are doing. I can't wait to tell my colleagues about it!"


Story in Ministry Course

"This is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills in storytelling and for those who have been telling stories to get some refreshing insights."

"A must for anyone who wants to improve telling the most important story ever."

"Story in Ministry' is an excellent crash-course in effective story-telling. Whether you're doing narrative short films, testimonies or even development features, 'Story in Ministry' plants you in solid storytelling theory and helps you map your way out from there."

"This course has helped me to pursue my calling as a filmmaker and storyteller for Jesus. I would recommend it to anyone just starting out."

"An excellent practical course on the art of storytelling and because this short course I now have a new respect for the essential components of making a good story. Highly recommended addition to anyone's tool belt and has widespread applications for anyone in Christian ministry. Clyde and Jeremy are excellent communicators and their passion for others to understand story is most evident."

"I have been a teacher for 12 years and have taught my students to write stories (elementary level), but even still I learned that there is so much more to a story than I had taught. I very much appreciate learning the mechanics of a story, I know it will make me a better writing. I am inspired to write more!"

"Storytelling is pouring on paper some soul liquid. The story in mission teaches you how much to pour, when to stop, when to rain....but in the end, you are in charge with the stories that will make people want to give more."

"Though we have used stories in our training ministry for many years, this course has opened up my eyes to the art and science (mechanics, if you will) of developing more compelling stories. Looking forward to applying this learning soon!"


Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone's Pocket

"Very useful course to remind and inspire people that so much can be done for the Kingdom of God with the very devices that most of us hold in our hands."

"Anyone who wants to know and improve their understanding of 'Mobile Ministry'
should seriously consider the course as a key to open the door."

"It is good for novice as well as one who is experienced with applying it."

"What an enjoyable course. It provided encouragement and practical tools to help us integrate our ministry with the cultural revolution."





Expand Your Mission Through Media

The course was done professionally. Both from the technical point of view and the lessons. Also it has been a very friendly environment where you feel you can get connected with the teachers and the rest of the group. It is very welcoming and giving you the opportunity to speak out.

Media Strategy Lab

Taking an older guy like me from the foundational course of social media to deeper, relevant techniques has been a challenge for the presenter, little doubt 🙂 but the older guy has valued every bit of it. If an old guy can learn important lessons, how much more bright younger people?

It is a course which is just perfect and interesting. I never thought of doing any campaign online. We have it and now I know how important is doing a campaign to promote our products.