Commitment to Excellence (Measuring Our Effectiveness)

Women meeting over coffee with their laptopsIt is our heart’s desire to be the best in the world at providing short-format, live training for busy leaders in media, story and innovative technology.

We have a three-step process to ensure that we are always improving.

1. We do our own evaluation of each cohort. It is based on a self-assessment of the instructor and course coordinator. This is done at the end of every lecture as well as at the end of each course.

2. We meet several weeks after the completion of each course to analyze the results from the anonymous evaluations we receive (usually 40-50% of a cohort). This is attended by the instructor, the course coordinator, the MMU Director and the course administrator.

3. We retain the services of Media Impact International to offer an independent assessment of our effectiveness on an annual basis. Their findings are derived from the anonymous student evaluations we receive. Additionally, they conduct their own survey and and phone interviews. The assessments are available here.

VSN MMU Audit by MII 5.2016

VSN MMU Audit Report by MII_Spring 2017

VSN MMU Audit Report by MII_Spring 2017 Addendum

Early Positive Indicators

We are encouraged by the results but are not content to maintain the status quo. Here are excerpts from the most recent report.

“MII was able to determine that there are many reasons to believe that MMU is providing training and support for ministry workers that is delivering significant movement towards Kingdom impact, with strong potential for long-term fruit and sustainability.”

The MMU courses continue to provide benefit for students completing the courses. Those who participate throughout the course, and complete assignments are among those receiving the greatest benefit. Participants provided high marks for the presentation, style and substance of the course material. Students also reported overall improvement in their ability to accomplish their mission, and their organization’s ability to accomplish its mission.

47% of students responding report that they have already implemented strategies learned from MMU, and another 17.4% report that they plan to do so in the near future. Overall 65% of students reporting have the intention of putting their training into practice, or have already done so.

97.3% of students responding reported that they are personally more effective in the fulfillment of their mission as a result of taking the MMU course.

When asked if they “feel better equipped to accomplish your mission after taking this course?”, 100% reported positive change.

100% of students responding to the online survey reported greater confidence in their ability to develop strategic media plans.