Mission Media U is a mentored, online training platform designed to help Christ-followers be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches by using media, story and innovative technology.

What makes us unique…

  • In a media-driven world, we provide practical training for busy people engaged in ministry.
  • Each course is five weeks long and requires only three hours a¬†week.
  • Each course is taught "live" by experts with a missional heart.
  • Each course¬†is limited to 25 students for maximized¬†learning and connection.

What you will get from each course...

  • Be more effective in your disciple making through learning skills relevant to our media-driven age.
  • Strategic connections with leaders from 5 or more nations that will accelerate your long-term ministry impact. Each course has like-minded participants from multiple organizations and multiple countries.
  • Increase your reach through media.
  • Learn in a safe environment.
  • Be prayed for each week by a dedicated prayer partner.

Discount Toward Your Masters or PhD

  • Qualifying students are eligible for a one-third (33%) tuition discount in a Masters or PhD program at Biola University‚Äôs Cook School of Intercultural Studies.

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Foundations of Digital Engagement Strategies

Provides foundational overview of field-driven media strategy philosophy and encourages and equips missional people and teams to develop an intentional outreach strategy using new media.

Strategic Storytelling for Movements

Strategic Storytelling for Movements is a five-week, mentored online course that will accelerate your media strategy through the power of story and focus your stories on effective strategy.

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