How do I register for a course?

Choose the Courses menu at the top right of this page. The dropdown menu will show which courses are available for registration. Choose which course and you will be redirected to the course registration page. Just fill out your information and pay for the course there and you will receive a follow-up email with the information you need to sign into the course.

What are the costs?

You can use a credit card or PayPal account. A discount is available to non-Westerners. Here is the explanation of the pricing rationale. Our pricing structure for the soft launch of the class is as follows:

Courses with live instruction (synchronous):

  • $260 Standard ($220 per person if two or more register together as a team).
  • $220 Non-westerners working with a western organization that can help cover the cost ($80 per person if two or more register together).
  • $90 Non-westerners not working with a western organization-limited to six per cohort ($50 per person if two or more register together).

Self-directed courses (asynchronous...without live instruction): The student does the reading, viewing lectures and assignments independently. If you are interested, email us. This option is only available for the Story in Ministry course.

  • $60 Standard.
  • $30 Non-westerners.
What platform is the course in?

We use Moodle for our course materials. When you register for a class, you will be sent an email with an invitation to join Moodle as a student. You will then be directed through the process of creating a student account.

Course Logistics
  • A five-week, mentored experience.
  • One hour weekly live classroom (using Zoom) with instruction and group interaction time.
  • Web classroom (using Haiku) with materials, mentored discussion boards, and practical application assignments at each stage.
  • The class will make the most impact if students take the course in small teams (2 or more students) to enable collaboration and immediate application in their ministry context.
What Do I Need to Do to Receive a Certificate of Completion?
  • Attend 4 of 5 live sessions.
  • Do the preparation reading and viewing for each module.
  • Complete all independent practice assignments for each module.

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