Case Studies

Case studies

Africa: Moving From Rural to Urban

This case study illustrates how one team that was having church planting success added a media strategy to accelerate their work. They were having success in rural areas and to focus more in urban settings as well.

Bosnia Story

The story of a Team in Bosnia frustrated by a decade of ineffective ministry. They had a breakthrough when they tried Media To Movements.

Making the Shift in Asia

How a team in Asia is making the shift.

One of the Earliest Stories

This is the true story of a team that has used media to start a movement of disciples who make disciples.

Small Team Getting Started in Asia

This case study illustrates some of the obstacles to overcome in getting started with a Media to Movement Initiative. But this team proves it is possible and worthwhile!

SE Asia & the Filtering Process

This case study describes how one team in SE Asia implemented a media movements strategy. It describes what they learned along the way.

Getting Started in the Balkans

How a Worker in the Balkans is Getting Started Using Media to Find Seekers (a podcast from Jon Ralls at Kavanah Media)

Using Chatbots

How two teams have used chatbots to find seekers.