Alumni Endorsements

Foundations of Media to Movements Course

In 5 weeks, MMU will prepare you with the comprehensive digital marketing skills you need to create and execute successful disciple-making marketing strategies


Discover blind spots in your strategy

"A good back to the drawing board exercise for anyone floundering with digital content strategy and results." -James S.

"This course is crucial in changing from the "Fire - Ready - Aim" approach to media ministry to "Ready - Aim - Fire." The principles and tools presented in the course focus on how to find the "good soil" and sow the seed there." -Franklin P.

"You don't know what you don't know. This course will help you find holes in what you're doing and enable you to be effective with minimal waste!" -Natalie E.

"I was making 100 mistakes in my media ministry. The problem? I didn't know I was making them until taking the MMU course. Not only did I learn to identify the mistakes, but I was given real tools to up the fruitfulness of our ministry." -Audrey W.

Focus on impact

"Foundations of Media Strategy was an extremely helpful course not only to further highlight our need to develop a media strategy for reaching our people but also to give us some critical building blocks from which to start building that strategy. The instructor was extremely helpful as was the interaction with others on this same journey. We are already starting to implement some of what we have learned and I expect to continue to draw from the course material for some time as we expand and grow our strategy." -Connor R.

This course definitely helped me and my national brother begin the process of thinking through how we can effectively use media in outreach to our city. We walked away with clear goals and a plan in place. Jason T.

"Foundations for Media Strategy helped me effectively organize my thinking and planning/strategy around the persona concept while addressing passive/active engagement that leads to high-level decision making with the inquirer's group." -Robert M.

"This course casts a vision for how you and your team can begin incorporating today's modes of media and communication to catalyze movements to Christ. We appreciated how the class started at the big vision of movements and explored how using new media could enable that vision rather than merely talk about creating content for content's sake." -Nick K.

"This course helped my team and me develop our digital media strategy by looking at how people make meaningful faith decisions and ways our websites and social media can encourage that. I recommend this course as a springboard for creative campaigns that complement and go beyond just an online gospel presentation. I especially recommend groups take the course because of the value of shared vision, vocabulary, and learning that occurs; for this reason, I have enrolled staff from 7 of our offices in the course." -Ali W.

"This class was a game changer. It helped me to think at a much higher level about how media could be used strategically in what we are doing. I can't wait to tell my colleagues about it!" -Jennifer D.

"A great way to start mapping your way into online outreach." -Thomas P. 

Learn about effective tools

"This course was very worthwhile. It covers all of the basics of effective media strategy in a realistic and nuanced fashion. The teacher is a great communicator. The teaching sessions, the material, the assignments, and the group discussions were all so very helpful. I will definitely recommend this course to others. Probably the most helpful takeaway for me was learning that media is accessible for all teams, even with modest resources and capacity, and can be very effective when done strategically." -Mark G.

"The course is fundamental for any ministry/organization that is keen on seeing disciple-making movements in their context and especially if they are keen on using media as a tool of engagement. The course is relevant for those making disciples in urban places as well as unreached communities. It's a shot worth taking." -Jillian C.

"Excellent course (!) for those seeking to better understand the potential for using social media to reach the large proportion of people who are now obtaining a majority of new ideas through these channels. This seems to be especially true for those living in closed and semi-closed countries. The number of tools for prioritizing efforts with people most likely to share the good news with others is particularly exciting." -Eric B.


Strategic Storytelling for Movements Course

Connect with fellow practitioners in this 5-week live mentored course and learn to engage your audience with stories


Learn to effectively leverage stories

"The strategic storytelling course really helped me start to think about how to begin a media movement in my city. As someone literally going from 0 (not currently engaging in media outreach) to creating a plan to do so, this course gave me the tools that I need to start thinking about the content that I will post, and how to craft stories in a meaningful way." -Mike B.

"Everyone like[s] stories but the story which last[s] forever comes with creativity and genuineness. This course helped me to be creative, effective, and genuine." - Lauren H.

"You're always telling a story, make sure yours is strategic by taking this course!" -John S.

Gain momentum in your mission

"The Media to Movements course really helped us to re-evaluate and refine our plans to better connect with our target audience. The course content and discussions provided a unique opportunity to work with others to explore ways to be more strategic and intentional in our ministry, as we seek to connect with people and build on those relationships over time!" -Jacob S.

"Strategic Storytelling has had quite an impact on my thinking, team formation, and planning for our ministry. It has given me excitement about what the Lord might do as we leverage technology for the sake of making disciples among a staunchly Muslim people group." -Amir F.

"Definitely a wonderful course for those who would like to reach out via social media" -Trevor P.

"I'm writing to thank you all for the wonderful Strategic Storytelling for Movement course. I took the course last Nov. Even though it took us several months to get things ready and implement what I have learned, God has blessed this ministry. We started FB ads at the end of April, and since then, more than 150K of our target people have been reached, and the FB page has more than 1900 followers. In addition, more than 700 messages have been started, and I find myself responding to messages round the clock. I have lost count how many people I have sent Bible stories to, and many of them have come back for more. We also have a website for people to visit and read/ listen to Bible stories on their own, and so far there are more than 1000 views. God is at work, and I would like to share this joy with you. Needless to say, we would covet your prayers when God brings this ministry to your mind. We understand that the battle will only get more fierce as we continue to expose them to God's stories. THANK YOU and PRAISE GOD!" -Samantha L.

Connect with experts and peers working on similar problems

"This course gave me both the language and understanding to engage in the world of digital engagement. I knew almost nothing at the start of this course, and am now able to to have meaningful conversations with others in this field and contribute ideas and strategies to help our team better engage this world for Christ through digital media." -Adam D.

"If you want to use media and stories to reach people with the gospel, I highly recommend Strategic Storytelling for Movements because the instructors are practitioners who know what it's like to fail and succeed. The curriculum offered is not overwhelming, and it felt both intuitive and illuminating. Give your future media campaigns a great chance to succeed by gaining wisdom and insights first from people who have walked this road ahead of you. -Alex W