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The Mission Media U is an online training platform designed to help Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches. Our emphasis is in helping Christ-followers to use media, story and mobile device technology in their mission. We’re just getting started so we offer five courses. If all goes well, we will continue to add courses over time. We don’t offer accreditation (so we are not really a university…yet).


What makes us unique

  • In a media-driven world, we provide practical training for busy people engaged in ministry.
  • Each course is five weeks long and requires only three hours a week.
  • Each course is taught "live" by an expert with a missional heart.
  • Each course is limited to 25 students for maximized learning and connection.


What you will get from each course...

  • Strategic connections with leaders from 10 different nations that will accelerate your long-term ministry impact. Each course has like-minded participants from multiple organizations and multiple countries.
  • Be more effective in your disciple making through learning skills relevant to our media-driven age.
  • Increase your scope through media.
  • Help in getting started in a new area.
  • Learn in a safe environment.

Our Courses

Story in Ministry

Story in Ministry is a five-week course that delves into the essential elements of story for those seeking to better communicate the message of Christ and kingdom.

Foundations of Media Strategy

Provides foundational overview of field-driven media strategy philosophy and encourages and equips missional people and teams to develop an intentional outreach strategy using new media.

Mobiles In Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone’s Pocket

Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone’s Pocket is a five-week course that will increase your ministry’s effectiveness by engaging the lost through their mobile device. Each participant will learn to assess the media situation of their target audience, identify opportunities for using their mobile device and implement an appropriate media outreach.

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