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Foundations of Media Strategy (The current course is full. The next scheduled course is September 2017)

Provides a foundational overview of field-driven media strategy philosophy and encourages and equips missional people and teams to develop an intentional outreach strategy using new media.







Story in Ministry (The next scheduled course is September 2017)

Story in Ministry is a five-week course that delves into the essential elements of story for those seeking to better communicate the message of Christ and kingdom.






Media Strategy Lab (offered May 2017)

This is an 11 week cohort limited to nine participants designed to develop a media strategy based upon the principles of the Foundations in Media Strategy course.






Expand Your Ministry Through Media (For Women)  (To be offered Fall 2017)

Expand Your Ministry Through Media will help women strengthen ministry relationships through training, and help you more expertly partner in collaborative media initiatives.





Introduction to Mobile Ministry  (To be offered Fall 2017)

The Mobile Ministry Training Course is a five-week, online course available to help introduce any Christian to ministry opportunities using mobile devices (phones and tablets). This will be offered again in 2017.