1/3 Rule of Social Media Activity for Ministries

Social media exists, in its best form, to help people connect to do what they want to do. 
Listen, bless, serve, and empower.
Those verbs should be the priority in everything we do. I must constantly remind myself of this because I often have a specific agenda, my need or desire, that comes out in what I do in my media.
Remember, social media exists, in its best form, to help people connect to do what they want to do.

To help you keep this in mind, here’s a good balance, called the 1/3 Rule of Social Media:

  • 1/3 of content should be yours, your voice and contribution, your ‘message’
  • 1/3 of your activity and content should be engagement: responding, commenting, following, liking, sharing with your audience
  • 1/3 of content should be passing on great stuff from others – this connects you with larger conversations and influencers

For example, you could spend 1 hour creating new posts: images, memes, blog posts, tweets, page posts, and ads. You may be able to do this in larger blocks and schedule posting on different channels, for instance, a certain day of the week.

For more significant content like articles, blog posts, and videos, these will take longer to create, but treat those as special projects, separate from your everyday media activity.

Then, spend another hour engaging with your audience. If you don’t have much engagement, spend time analyzing activity and posts to see what you could do better.

Finally, from your engagement, you may discover content you can share with others. Find influencers you can learn from and engage with yourself. “Curate” their content for your own use. Spend an hour learning and sharing from these other sources. Be sure to schedule this curated content, mixed in with your own original content.

That’s 3 hours a day. This tends to work well for teams whose focus is a media strategy. Adapt it to fit your situation, focus, objectives, and resources.

To find out more and register, go to Foundations of Media to Movements.

Tom Khazoyan is the course Instructor for Foundations of Media to Movements