The Role of Stories in a Media to Movement Strategy

Tom Khazoyan explains the role stories can play in your media to movement strategy.

The Role of Stories in an M2M Strategy from 10XProd on Vimeo.

Tom is an instructor for our Foundations of Media to Movements course. He has been a writer, producer, director, cameraman, and editor on projects ranging from television commercials to documentaries to dramatic films. Having worked in many mediums over the past 30 years, he enjoys bringing time-tested storytelling principles to new technologies and audiences. He has trained hundreds of leaders from 40 nations in new media strategies. He currently leads a team at 10X Productions working to develop projects that involve collaborative productions and training in visual storytelling and media strategies, especially those in cross-cultural settings. Recent projects include a feature-length dramatic film, The Enemy God, an on-going series of short films in Arabic for social media campaigns, and short and feature-length dramatic screenplays. He holds an MFA in Professional Screenwriting and resides in the Rocky Mountain region of the US.